philosophy of health care; the name game; famous quotes

20 Jan

Whole Shebang 01/20/2013

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Shelley is the host for this edition.


1.  The philosophy of health care.  We go for the cure by offering  some fresh perspectives into this colossally clouded conundrum currently plaguing our society into which  billion and billions of dollars get poured and no one gets better.  We discuss our own attitudes which are somewhat at odds with having sprung from a  medical family and Shelley’s visceral response to Dr. Tom Dooley‘s book, Deliver Us from Evil. We examine attitudes of patients and doctors and  challenge accepted practices both cultural and medical. Discover why Jen fears dentists and Cait is unhappy she sought medical opinion about a broken foot.  We need an owner’s manual with truths backed up by global research(now technologically possible) and a support system of friends and family.  Then, maybe next time you are sitting for hours in a doctor’s office, your fellow waitees could offer solutions.

2.  The name game.  Are you a Sallow, or a Fernsby, or how about a Birdwhistle?  Well, then you are a rare bird indeed as there are only 20 or fewer of you bearing that name.  If you need to find a certain Zhang, good luck, there are a 100 million of them. Names have great power as anyone named Poindexter Assmen knows as he gets stuffed into a locker for the umpteenth time.  We explore how and when surnames came about in various cultures and  how and why they declined.  Where does your surname fall in the list of 1000 most popular?

3.  Famous quotes.  It is now firmly established that we three love our quotes, particularly the funny ones.  Oscar Wilde is our favorite coiner of pithy, perfect phrases and the person we would like most as a perpetual wingman followed closely by Mark Twain, and then we are all over the place from  Anchorman to Lincoln to bumper stickers. “Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.”


Enrichments or enragements:

Cait is vociferously cranky about people(and you know who you are) who read movie reviews and critiques without seeing the movie and then feel they can denounce with authority said unseen movie to those who have seen it and loved it.  Go see Zero Dark Thirty no matter what you have heard.

Jen is so enriched by a youtube video on acro yoga, a way of practicing yoga combining acrobatic balancing and a strong, willing partner, that she and Marko are going to give it a whirl today.  Stay tuned for their video.  Until then, check out the original:


Shelley is also enriched by a youtube video. This video showcases the wit, humor, and heart-gladdening dance moves of Ben Aaron, an NBC lifestyle feature guy.



2 Responses to “philosophy of health care; the name game; famous quotes”

  1. Robin January 22, 2013 at 2:42 am #

    Love that dance walkin’, Shelley. Thank you. Underline that.

    • Shelley January 22, 2013 at 3:14 pm #

      So glad it tickled your fancy, too, Robin. Thanks for tuning in.

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